Cut Food Like A Professional With These Techniques

When chopping and cutting food for a meal, we often wonder how best to cut specific ingredients for certain recipes. Well thankfully there are a few different food cutting techniques to help you in the kitchen.
Chopping, which is cutting food into small pieces, is good for ingredients in soups or sauces that do not require a perfect cut. This technique would be great for chopping onions, peppers or other foods into crude pieces for a sauté.
Mincing is a method like chopping, except used for creating even smaller pieces of food. Mincing is common with ingredients like garlic or chives that need to be very small to distribute in a recipe easily.
A neater method for cutting foods is cubing or dicing. This is where you cut ingredients into small squares, dicing being even tinier cubes. This is perfect for fruits or cheese.
Slicing is a very basic method of taking an ingredient and simply making vertical cuts to get large, yet thin pieces. This is best used on tomatoes, potatoes and meats for sandwiches.
The last and most fancy method is Julienne. This is often seen used on green beans, squash, or carrots. Julienne-style cutting entails slicing the ingredients into long, very thin pieces for salads or side dishes, even as garnishes.
Next time you head to the kitchen, make sure you read these techniques before cutting away! You’ll be sure to find the proper method for whatever you will be making.